Friday, June 25, 2010

How do you dream about a place you have never been to?

I am not sure but apparently it's possible! I see Suomi almost every night. :)

I can't wait to see if my dreams are half as good as what I will someday see!

A few photos of Finnish fashion. The first two are taken from but the next is from



  1. Hei hei Karissa!
    Follow your dreams is what I've always done.
    It's how I work in Hollywood doing what I love-And get paid.
    I dreamt of feeding a reindeer calf from my hand and could feel it even in the dream-a year later I was feeding a reindeer calf north of Rovaniemi and got the same "chill" of excitement. I know what you mean; follow your dreams my dear Saami.
    (p.s. shorts aren't THAT popular-you'll see why)
    Gratefully Yours
    Wish I could show you around Suomi.!

  2. Moi Karissa!

    Tämä on aivan ihana blogi! (This is such a lovely blog.)

    I hope you will get here to Finland someday.

    p.s. I will be your follower.

  3. finland is wonderful! I hope you can go. I know you will enjoy it--I *LOVE* it and would love to go back someday.

  4. (PS the profile picture I use is a little statute in a square in helsinki!)

  5. Hei Karissa!

    Sulla on aivan ihana blogi ja tällä on aivan mahtava idea! (= you have a wonderful blog and this is absolutely awesome idea!)
    Toivon että opit paljon Suomesta, suomen kielestä, kulttuurista ja nautit olostasi täällä. (=I hope that you will learn a lot from Finland, the Finnish language, culture, and enjoy your stay here)

    I will be your follower too! :)

  6. I think it's cool that you want to come here! :) Finland is such a nice place :-)

  7. Pretty weird you want to come here in finland. But really cool, follow your dreams!


  8. Moi Karissa!

    It's very interesting and surprising to hear that someone from USA has fallen in love with my country. Usually american people haven't even heard of Finland and most of people don't even know where is Europe! But that's only what I've heard from the people I've talked with while my visits in USA (been there for 3 or 4 times: California, Florida and so on..). I like USA but I also like Finland... :)

    I noticed that you're reading my blog. Hope you'll find something interesting there. Just tell me if you want to know anything about my country. If you want I could do a post (with pictures, ofcourse) about Finland's capital city, Helsinki.

    Hope you'll get here next year!