Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Moi! Anteeksi, I haven't posted in a very long time! Haven't been keeping you all up to date with my adventure to Suomi :) Mutta, nyt minä am back ja with news this time! In joulukuu, my aunt is going to Suomi for work ja she has agreed to take me along as long as I pay for my airplane ticket!!!!! She is going to let me stay in her hotel/pay for my food/etc as long as I pay for the ticket. So NOW I am on a total mission to get $800 by December!! I have around $150 right now. I've been collecting bottles ja cans ja picking up every coin I find on the street so I can get enough in time! Plus, from all my family ja relatives, I am asking for money so I can go for joulu. So I really really hope this works out. Sorry this post is so inarticulate (not even sure if that is a word haha). My thoughts are so jumbled and I just want to get them all out! Secondly, I am volunteering at the elementary school I went to so I can get some experience working with kids, in particular kids who don't speak English, so when I go to school in Suomi I can maybe become an English as a Second Language teacher :) Just thoughts now!

Finally, major kiitos to everyone who left me comments on my last post :) It made me feel so good to come on here to see that even people I don't know are rooting for me to make my goal! It just really gave me a kickstart again and I've been putting myself into high gear to make sure my dreams come true!


<- My current desktop background :) I found this on deviantart. Does anyone know where this bridge is at in Suomi?


  1. Thanks for the comment! I don't know where that bridge is, but it's pretty! We were in Finland in late August/September 2006--and we loved it! :)

  2. Totally by default--my husband was going on a business trip there, and I figured there was no point in me not tagging along. We just made a long trip out of it! :)

  3. New follower from Finland! Have to say that I don't know where this bridge is (it does reminds me of something).

    Waiting for something new!

  4. Moi Karissa :)

    Yeah, I've met people who didn't even know where Europe is! And I agree with you. They were stupid :D

    Nice to see that you're really trying to learn Finnish! I can say it's not the easiest language to learn :D Have you been taking any lessons there? Is it even possible somewhere in California?

    I've visited Los Angeles in California. During the same visit to the USA I visited also Catalina Islands. Do you know the island? I also visited Las Vegas. It was nice, too, but I think it's just so stupid to carry so so much water in the middle of a desert... you know, the massive fountain in front of Bellagio and all the hotels' swimming pools... :l

    Ja kyllä, Risto is my boyfriend. Kiitos :) Risto on söpö! But I think the pictures of Risto I've posted in my blog aren't so good, I think they don't show the real Risto. It's weird that it's so hard to take really like a GOOD picture of him :o because I think he is really good-looking.:)

    I showed the picture at the end of this post to my mother. She told me the bridge might be somewhere near Heinola... But she was not sure, nor am I.

    I will think of doing a post about Helsinki! I think it would be nice to kind of show off the places with pictures. And all my other readers would see what I think about Helsinki, too. I'll try to keep my camera with me more often so when I go to Helsinki downtown I'll have it with me! and I'll try to capture at least some parks in Helsinki center. And some places I really like. But this may take time! :D I'm always so slow when doing a 'special' post :p

    Kirjoita taas pian!

  5. Hooray for you Karissa!
    I am happy for you and your enthusiasm.
    I would be happy to throw some $s into your hat for such a worthy cause!¡!
    I'm glad that you are 'back' posting, and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I am certain that you will find more willing sponsors for your great "project".

    A couple of my favorite Suomi webpages;


    (one of many fun live videos)